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Riding The Advantage Of Existing Leads

Rank and rent is the method of renting an existing website for a local business. The local company that is interested in renting gains the leads that are generated from the site, which is called local lead generation. The website is ranked in Google so that local businesses can find it. The sites are easy to find on Google, as they are generic with information.


  • With this method, the evidence is already available; it’s just a matter of selling the leads. Some businesses find it hard trusting salespeople due to various reasons. With rank and rent, there is available proof of the leads before a company even gets started.
  • Less commitment in that if a local business is not performing well and wants to change strategies like revamping, it will require a process and work involved, all with no guarantee that it will work. With this method, a business is assured of new leads, Therefore making it easier and less time-consuming.
  • Low cost as many small businesses do not have a budget to compete in SEO with other more prominent companies. A business can ride on the advantage of the existing leads and enjoy the benefits without much hustle.
  • A business benefits from rank and rent as well from its business websites, by getting leads from both sites.
  • Businesses get the pre-built website that is already ranked and has all the content, therefore getting leads without the day to day client work. The SEO marketing works on their own guide and ideas without getting requests from clients or having to keep on reporting to the client. It’s a win situation for the business and the SEO marketers.

Method of Renting

Low rent: Rank and rent can help generate income by renting out a website at a monthly flat fee of the agreed amount. This is the simplest method that uses fewer requirements.

Lead count: A local business charges per lead generated by the site, Done by tracking and monitoring the type of lead gained to avoid getting unrelated leads like spam. A lead can be obtained from a website, call, or business email.

Website Flipping: This is transferring ownership of a website from an SEO to a business that purchases the site. It helps the SEO to gain access to a significant capital faster in a less span of time, in short, its selling and buying of a website.